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Medieval & Tudor

Various Acts

Barber surgeon, Living history, Acrobats, and more

Medieval & Tudor Entertainment

Additional acts to bring your historical event to life

We have an exciting range of medieval and Tudor acts for your themed event. Acts to entertain throughout your event.
Apart from acts shown on other pages
All our acts are professional entertainers and will help create an amazing atmosphere and spectacle for your period event
Please contact us for more details about how our medieval acts can enhance your themed event

Jester Acrobats


Acrobats performing walkabout and show entertainment. Medieval, Tudor and Game of Thrones themed performances for your event to make it special

Historical Character Acts

Historical Characters

Medieval and Tudor stilt walking acts to add that larger than life presence to your themed event. Meet & greet and roaming interactive performances

Barber Surgeons and Medieval Herbalists

Barber Surgeons

Medicine in Medieval times was not for the squeamish. Our barber surgeons however make learning about everything medical engrossing for all ages

Medieval Jousting


Jousting is the most dramitic medieval skill and performance. The scale and content means it is one of the most expensive options. Children's jousting workshop option is also available

Medieval Living History

Living History

We can provide brilliant living history. From single artisans to whole encampments including tent villages, blacksmiths, basked weavers, barber surgeons and herbalists and more

Medieval Siege Machines

Medieval Machines

From giant trebuchets and ballistas to medieval carts and ducking stools. We can provide various medieval and Tudor tools and machines that will create an amazing spectacle and ambience


The acts shown on this page are varied. Living history acts are usually the most affordable with jousting being only for events with a substantial budget. Costs of acts depend on the act, the location of the event, the date of the event and the type of act you want. Please contact us for more details

We have acts based across the UK. However whether a local act is available will depend on the date, times and location of your event. We will always try to find a local act that is available but acts may have to travel

Skills acts performed are not just limited to the categories on this page. For example we have acrobats who are also jugglers, barber surgeons who are also herbalists, jousting knights who also fight on the ground. We can provide a complete package of entertainment for your event. Please contact us for details

Acts vary in how they present their skills, They can perform amazing shows as in jousting, perform roaming entertainment as in the acrobats, engaging historical explanation as in living history acts or ambient photo opportunity as in the character acts. Often acts perform more than one style of performance. Please contact us for more details


We are an entertainment company creating and supplying acts to exceed expectations.
We supply any type of act for any event. All our acts are professional performers. We provide a level of service second to none and are happy to advise on the best entertainment for your event

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