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Fantasy Acts

Knights, Jesters, Wizards & Witches

Shows, roaming, and greeting performances

Fantasy Acts

Game of Thrones themed, Dragons, Witches & Wizards

We can provide great acts for Game of Thrones themed events, Harry Potter themed events, Narnia themed events and all other medieval fantasy events you can think off
Performances can be roaming amongst or meeting & greeting guests; creating an historical ambience or entertaining an audience with a comic show
Please contact us for more details about how our fantasy acts can enhance your themed event

Fantasy FAQ

Price for jester acts varies depending on their skills, performance, locality and the time of year of the event. Please contact us and we will advise on guide prices for any jester act

We have jester acts based across the country. We will always try to find the most local act suited to your requirements and event. Final cost of any act depends on how local they are to your event

Jesters perform a wide variety of skills. Not all jesters perform the same skills nor does each jester perform all the skills listed here. If there are specific skills you want a jester to perform at your event please let us know.

Jesters acts can perform: juggling, magic, stilt walking, fire performance, comedy interaction, circus skills and jester workshops, acrobatics

Jesters can perform a variety of performances including meet & greet, roaming entertainment, shows, workshops and ambient entertainment. Not all jesters perform all these kinds of performance. If you want a specific kind for your event please let us know. Most jesters can perform a range of performances and skills as part of a blend of entertainment for the whole event.


We are an entertainment company creating and supplying acts to exceed expectations.
We supply any type of act for any event. All our acts are professional performers. We provide a level of service second to none and are happy to advise on the best entertainment for your event

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